Studio.ra Gallery in collaboration with museumMAN Berlin 
Deborah Wargon
(nuovo lavoro)
Vernissage: giovedì 3 maggio 2018 – 18:00/21:00
Durata: dal 4 al 17 maggio – orari: 16:30/19:00
Luogo: Studio.ra, Via Bartolomeo Platina 1F – 00179 Roma (Appio Latino)
Info: +39 3491597571  –

Over the last few years the connections between time and music have emerged as ever more present motives in my work.

Both my home and studio are collecting souvenirs which are representations of both time and music: dismantled clockworks – dials, pendulums, hands, wind-up music boxes, musical scores, metronomes, etc..
Times’ Prism is a small ode to these variations and combinations of toys and ideas.
The title of the exhibition was given to me by Adam Nankervis of museumMAN who has followed my work for almost 15 years and with whom I have been most fortunate and grateful to have exhibited in his many and diverse museumMAN trajectories.
Deborah Wargon
April 2018